Islamic Travel
Who Are We & What Do We Do

Travel should be easy, fun, exciting and also beneficial, it's why we do the work here, so you can enjoy your time there!

Being travel adventures ourselves that have for many years lived, worked and travelled to the most inspiring and exotic countries the Islamic world has to offer, we want to share our love for these countries with you and captivate our audiences to inspire others to travel.

We want you to be part of the adventure and culture, whether through sampling the local cuisine, witnessing the live sounds and scents while walking through authentic 1000 year old bustling streets, learning Islamic history or interacting with a local community by sharing a meal, or a captivating activity.

Before we get into how we can make your travel an easy stress free experience, check out this short video to see who we are and what we have planned for the year ahead.

So why Islamic Travel

Just like you, we wanted to have a smooth and enjoyable trip, without any hidden unwanted surprises along the way. I am sure you also wanted your travel to provide some benefit, in the way of meaningful and unforgettable experiences, without costing and arm and a leg. It got to a point where we decided it was time someone solved that problem, and we are here to do just that.

We do that by making sure we stick to the standards we expect to receive, and planning and organising your time as if you were part of our own family.

So here are just some of the points we make sure to follow, and you should look out for when dealing with any travel provider.

Transparent Pricing & Service

We believe all pricing should be clear and transparent so you can make an informed choice of which itinerary or tour package is best for you. On every tour page, the departure dates and their respective prices can be found under the “Dates & Rates” section, together with the start & end date, discount rate and availability.

Any mandatory fees required to partake on certain included activities, i.e. mandatory safari adventure pass in Africa, are stated together with the tour price. We clearly state any extra fees to the tour price and what they are for, i.e. tipping kitty etc. This information can be found online on every active tour page, and will be provided in the “Important Information” tab of the Overview section and every single tour page.

We also let you know about any additional expenses that you might consider so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Immersive Travel

Our tours are all about immersing you into the culture of the destination you are visiting. You’ll visit must-see, iconic locations, where you will have the chance to eat local foods that you’ve likely never tried before, and you’ll be able to engage with local communities through shared activities.

Meeting, interacting with, preparing traditional meals, & sharing a meal with people in local communities will create memories that will last a lifetime and foster a greater appreciation for the world around us.

All this really means is that our tours are so great, you will definitely want to go on another one with us, at which time you are most welcome.

Connecting the Dots

How many stories from Islam do you know, but have no idea who the prophets were at that time, when it happened in relation to other prophets, or where & why it happened?

Visit the places where these events occurred, as we explain the who, when and the why. We believe, through experiential travel, to these many historically significant locations, your understanding and appreciation of so many of the events mentioned in the Quran will profoundly increase. By travelling to, and seeing the actual locations, recounting the stories in detail, understanding the place and context in which these events occurred, you will have a deeper appreciation of the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs of our Islamic ancestors.

You will be able to place each event in time, context and location. By broadening your lens of the world through these travel experiences, we hope this assists in understanding where we came from as an Umah, where we are now, and where we are all ultimately going.

Join us on one of our truly unique Islamic history tours, learning of our rich Islamic history, while having a wonderful holiday experience at the same time.

Trusted Tour Guides

We only use trusted local tour guides and operators as our partners, so your trip is actually helping to support the locations that you visit. Tour groups are kept to a reasonable size to create a sense of community within the group, and to allow us to provide a more personalised experience.

On some group tours, there may be a dedicated tour leader throughout the trip, whether a local from the country visited or a dedicated Islamic Travel tour leader. Islamic Travel tour leaders are there to ensure you have the best experience possible. If a tour leader is scheduled to accompany any tour, it will be listed as part of the Trip notes on the itinerary page.

Still want to know more about us for some reason, OK you asked for it, maybe these pictures will help tell the story!