Home to some of the largest Muslim populations on earth, Asia is also the largest continent on earth. With that titbit of information, you can imaging the range of cultures, history and cuisine found in Asia would be almost never ending. This makes Asia a continent many travellers visit over and over again.
Join us on some of the most immersive itineraries available, where we go deep into the heart of some of our favourite destinations to meet some of the most friendly and hospitable people of the world, as they share their love of history, culture and yes, their famous foods.



Japan is a country steeped in the oldest of traditions but is also one of the most ultra-modern countries in the world. It is this juxtaposition that so many people ....


South Korea

A dynamic country full of spirit and surprises. Mesmerising travellers with ancient temples, brimming craft and food markets and some of the most underrated cuisine in the world



The 'Land of Smiles'. Uncover the heart, culture, cuisines, and traditions of Thailand. Wander the bustling street food markets of Bangkok for a pallet explosion.



Discover Vietnam and its unique charm from lush hillsides filled with paddy fields to exotic limestone islands, metropolitan cities and ancient temples.



Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about in Malaysia.

Some of the companies that experienced our tours

"Excellent tour guide highly recommend. br yusuf was a pleasure to be around"
“They make everything comfortable so we can relax and enjoy the tour."
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