Going to Umrah with Kids: Be Well Prepared

Going on Umrah with kids can be a fulfilling and unforgettable experience, but it can also be challenging. If your child is less than 3 years old, the best thing to do is not to take him or her with you, its better to leave your kid at your mom’s house with their grandma. Because children need special attention, care, and preparation for a journey like this. It won’t be too much challenging for you if your kid is older than 4 years because they can walk themselves and are enough conscious of their surroundings. Any way in case if you decided to take your kid or kids with you for Umrah, as parents, you want to ensure that your children are safe, healthy, and comfortable during the journey, and that they benefit spiritually from this trip. To help you plan a successful Umrah trip with kids, we’ve prepared this guide with tips and advice on what to do before and during your journey.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Planning and Preparation
    • Choosing the Right Time
    • Book Flights and Accommodation
    • Prepare Your Kids Physically and Mentally
    • Packing Essentials for Kids
  • Traveling with Kids
    • Airport Tips
    • In-flight Tips
    • Transit Tips
  • During Umrah with Kids
    • Stay Hydrated and Energized
    • Keep Kids Engaged and Interested
    • Follow Safety Guidelines
  • FAQs

Planning and Preparation

Choosing the Right Time

Choosing the right time to go on Umrah with kids can make a big difference in your experience. Avoid peak seasons and holidays when the crowds are high and the prices are expensive. Consider going during less crowded seasons or when the weather is mild. Also, consider your children’s school schedule and try to plan the trip during their school breaks. We are sharing with you one of the most important tip from our social media manager who had recently performed Umrah with his family and his daughter. He says, he went to perform Umrah with his mom and two sisters along-with his wife and a 4 years old daughter. What they did, whenever he and his wife went to perform Umrah, he left their kid with his mom and sisters in the hotel. Then came back to take care of his kid and his mom and sisters went to perform Umrah separately. This way they had the best Umrah experience and his daughter also had fun and was not exhausted plus they performed Umrah rituals without thinking too much about the situation of their kid.

Book Flights and Accommodation

Book flights and accommodation well in advance to get good deals and ensure that you get the best possible options for your family. Look for flights with direct routes or short transit times, and consider booking seats with extra legroom. Choose accommodation close to the Haram to minimize walking distances. If you are choosing us (IslamicTravel) as your travel guide and companion then there is no need to worry about flights and accommodation, because we are the experts in matters related to Hajj and Umrah and we try our best to deliver the best experience to our travel companions.

Prepare Your Kids Physically and Mentally

Preparing your kids physically and mentally for Umrah is essential. Take your children to a pediatrician for a medical check-up and vaccination, and ensure that they are fit to travel. Also, explain to them the significance of Umrah and its rituals, and encourage them to participate and ask questions.

Packing Essentials for Kids

Packing the right essentials for kids is crucial for a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Pack comfortable and appropriate clothes for the weather and the rituals. Bring along medicines, snacks, and toys to keep your kids entertained and happy during long flights and transit.

Traveling with Kids

Airport Tips

Navigating airports with kids can be a daunting task, but with a few tips, you can make the experience smooth and stress-free. Arrive at the airport early to avoid rushing, and check-in online to save time. Use a luggage trolley or a backpack carrier to ease the burden of carrying heavy bags and strollers. Also, consider bringing a car seat or a travel booster seat for your child’s safety during transit.

In-flight Tips

Long flights with kids can be challenging, but with some preparation, you can make it more comfortable. Bring along headphones, tablets, and other devices to keep your kids entertained during the flight. Pack healthy snacks and drinks to keep them hydrated and energized. Also, consider bringing a neck pillow or a blanket to make them more comfortable.

Transit Tips

Transiting to your destination can be exhausting, but there are ways to make it more manageable. Use airport lounges for a comfortable and relaxing experience, especially during long layovers. Take a walk around the airport to stretch your legs and burn some energy. Also, use a baby carrier or a stroller for younger children to avoid carrying them for long periods. Please note that baby strollers are not allowed inside Masjid Al Haram, the best to carry your kid is on top of his or her dad’s shoulder or they can use a baby carrier strapped on (only if the kid is less than 2 years old).

During Umrah with Kids

Stay Hydrated and Energized

During Umrah, it’s essential to stay hydrated and energized, especially for kids. Bring along water bottles and snacks.

Keep Kids Engaged and Interested

Keeping kids engaged and interested during Umrah can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it fun and educational. Explain the rituals and their significance to your children and encourage them to participate. Bring along books or videos about Umrah and Islamic history to educate and entertain them. Also, consider taking breaks and doing some sightseeing to break up the routine and keep them interested.

Follow Safety Guidelines

During Umrah, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of your family. Keep an eye on your kids at all times and avoid overcrowded areas. Use a stroller when you are not inside Masjid Al Haram or a carrier for younger children to keep them safe and avoid getting lost in the crowds. Also, follow the rules and regulations of the authorities and respect the sanctity of the Haram.


  1. Is it safe to take young children on Umrah?
  • Yes, it is safe to take young children on Umrah as long as you take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines.
  1. What should I pack for my kids on Umrah?
  • You should pack comfortable and appropriate clothes, medicines, snacks, toys, and other essentials to keep your kids comfortable and entertained during the journey.
  1. How can I keep my kids engaged during Umrah?
  • You can keep your kids engaged by explaining the rituals and their significance, bringing books or videos about Umrah and Islamic history, and taking breaks and doing some sightseeing.
  1. Is it necessary to take my kids to a pediatrician before Umrah?
  • Yes, it’s essential to take your kids to a pediatrician for a medical check-up and vaccination to ensure that they are fit to travel.
  1. What should I do if my child gets lost in the crowds during Umrah?
  • If your child gets lost in the crowds during Umrah, stay calm, and seek help from the authorities or security personnel. Wear distinctive clothes or use a GPS tracker to make it easier to locate them.

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