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Sophie Loft Avatar
Sophie L.
19/01/18 – Facebook
Munevver S. Avatar
Munevver S.
04/10/22 – Google
It was a wonderful spiritual experiment. I had a wonderful company with all people who joined. I am specially so happy with the information that been provided by the sheik and the organizations owners where made the spiritual journey more and more valuable. ELHAMDÜLILLAH
Zahra A. Avatar
Zahra A.
03/10/23 – Google
Xinyi Cai Avatar
Xinyi C.
06/11/21 – Facebook
Highly recommend. 🙂 The owner of the business is a very responsible and considerate guy, therefore I trust the team to be efficient, too. Watching sunset on the Niles from a boat is one of the most beautiful memories in my life. (Though Alexandria is also amazingly gorgeous!)
Nur-E-Zannat F. Avatar
Nur-E-Zannat F.
01/02/23 – Google
We recently went to Umrah with Islamic travel. It was a very pleasant experience for me and my family. Travel plans were given to us beforehand and good instructions of the steps/ rules of Umrah. Hotels were really close to Haram and Masjid al Nawabi. Brother Hani, Yusuf and sister Adeeba were always proactively helping us with every problems we were facing. Sheikh Imam Saleh also made our experience memorable by describing the importance of each places, events, where to make duas and what dua to make. I definitely recommend Islamic travel to anyone planning to go for Umrah/ Middle East tour.
Rhulameh Latona Avatar
Rhulameh L.
22/03/22 – Google
Islamic Travel has delivered an incredible experience.
Azeez N. Avatar
Azeez N.
22/04/22 – Google
Well organised and great fun. Trip to turkey was fantastic and going with this tour group eliminated the stress in travelling. All places we went to were great and restaurants they recommended were fantastic too.
DS Cswt Avatar
31/03/19 – Facebook
Our needs and travel wishes were met with sincerity and we were able to build bonds of friendship. We were treated as family rather than just another tour group. My only recommendation would be to extend the China trip to more days as there is so much to absorb in that massive country and distances are great, as is travel just to arrive in Beijing to start the trip. I think it would be wise to advise future groups that the China tour is not a rest by any stretch . Indeed, it is physically demanding but was planned out in the most logical sequence with refreshing prayer breaks at beautiful mosques.

Personally, I had studied a lot of Chinese history previously, but for many of the group, it would have been useful to have a recommended reading list sent prior to the trip so as to be more intellectually prepared for the amazing sites we visited. Ideally, handouts outlining key historical moments at certain points would have been welcomed. Thank you for a very blessed trip.
Marianne K. Avatar
Marianne K.
03/10/23 – Google
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