Kaaba Kiswa – Kaaba Black Cloth

Hajj Muhammad Hassan Al-Harfi doing his work on the Kaaba Kiswa (Black cloth that covers the kabba in Makkah) in Cairo in 1940AD.
The Kiswah of the Kaaba was established in 1233 AH – 1818 AD, and it continued to operate until 1962 AD in Egypt. Usually replaced once a year on the 9th day of the month of Dul Hijjah (month of the pilgrimage) following in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed. After which its manufacture moved to Meccah.
A large official ceremony was held annually in the Al-Kharnafash neighborhood in front of the Mosque of Judge Abdel Basset (Egypt’s Judge of Judges, Minister of Public Treasury and supervisor of the honorable clothing industry), then the kiswa came out in a festive celebration.
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