Largest Muslim Community in South America

Did you know that ARGENTINA has the largest Muslim community Mosque in the entire continent of South America?!! 🇦🇷

Did you know that ARGENTINA has the LARGEST Muslim community and largest Mosque in the ENTIRE continent of South America?!! 🇦🇷

In fact, the Argentinian Muslim community goes back 5 centuries ago, and some trace their origins to a 9th century Muslim Emirate! ☪️

Let’s check out a 2 minute summary of the story, compare Muslim rights in France and Argentina, and learn about the mosque in the photo! 🕌

When Muslims were prosecuted in Andalus during the 15th century catholic inquisitions ⛪, the majority escaped to Morocco 🇲🇦, and some escaped to the then-emerging Ottoman Empire 🇹🇷. However, a group of Muslims also decided to go as far as possible to the “newly discovered lands” in South America!

The Muslims were welcomed on the boats of the Spanish 🚢 due to their expertise in boat-building, engineering, architecture, and navigational sciences, as the Spanish themselves wouldn’t reach too far in their journey without the wealth of knowledge and experience Muslims had at the time. This helped the skilled Muslims to get spared from torture and the death penalty “back home” in Andalus! 🇪🇸

Argentina being on the Eastern-most side of the continent, made it a convenient first spot for arrival and settling 🇦🇷. The numbers were not large. The early generations held on their faith while hiding it, while part of the later generations gradually lost it and adopted Catholicism (just like some Muslim youth in the West today are gradually losing faith too).

If you need any proof of this, the second largest city in Argentina today after the capital, is called… CORDOBA! Yes, the same Cordoba that was the administrative, cultural, and educational capital of Andalus for the majority of the 8 centuries of Muslim presence! ☪️

– Dr. Waleed Hakeem – The Travelling Imam

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