Where Will Your Next Spiritual Journey Take You?

We have personally hand crafted unique cultural and immersive experiences that indulge your senses. We want to be different by offering experiences that go deeper than just taking photos at famous landmarks. We want you to connect and feel like you're a local. Giving you opportunities to appreciate the destinations we visit through more meaningful interactions with beautiful natural landscapes, indigenous peoples, authentic food, and cultural heritage.

On our tours, we want you to be part of the culture, whether through sampling the local cuisine, witnessing the live sounds and scents while walking through authentic 1000 year old bustling streets, learning Islamic calligraphy or interacting with a local community by sharing a meal, or a captivating activity


Middle East




Benefits of Booking with
Islamic Travel

Cost Savings

We aim to make travel affordable and enjoyable, especially Umrah, so we utilise quality hotels with the reasonable prices, all conveniently located close the Masjids. Check out all the included items and save.

Planning done for you

We take care of all the logistics and planning. You can concentrate on performing and maximising the spiritual benefits of Umrah. Our private and group packages are designed for peace of mind.

Clear Expectations

You know what to expect on our Umrah packages in terms of transport, accommodation, meals etc. We have vetted all providers to ensure quality transport and accommodation.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing schedule for all tours is clearly listed, with all inclusions and exclusions listed, as well as what extra budget you may need, so there are no unexpected surprises.

Never Alone

There will always be someone there to assist you when needed. Also an opportunity to make new friends for those interested in doing so.

Expert Guidance

Travel with an experienced Imam to help guide you through the various stages of performing Umrah. Thus ensuring your Umrah is completed properly

Shared Experiences

Real People - Real Feedback

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