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Wafa F. Avatar
Wafa F.
17 Oct 2023
I have travelled extensively and joined many group tours over the years but this trip with Islamic Travel was by far the best experience Iv ever had. From the moment I booked with Islamic travel, Yusuf the tour organiser answered every text, email and phone call. We visited 3 countries and all were organised so well and went without a hitch. From the tours (with amazing English speaking guides), the hotels where amazing and in the best locations. We had walking tours, bus tours and visited amazing monuments and sites. Everything was orchestrated with professionalism. Yusuf always had time for each one of us (40 Adults) whenever we needed him and joined us from start to end each day with a smile and lovely sense of humour. I would highly recommend Islamic travel and will be definitely using their services again. 10/10
semiz s. Avatar
semiz s.
17 Feb 2024
Our journey with the Islamic travel company was truly fantastic and emotional. The educational aspect added depth to the experience, making it one of the best we’ve had. Grateful for the enriching and memorable time spent with your team.
Omer T. Avatar
Omer T.
17 Oct 2023
Very well planned trip, Yusuf was so meticulous MashAllah
Ayse N. Avatar
Ayse N.
17 Jun 2023
Thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience with Islamic Travel. Both guides were very professional, approachable and clearly very experienced with their tours. Would definitely travel with them again!
Shukurat O. Avatar
Shukurat O.
17 Apr 2023
What a beautiful and amazing group to travel with. Islamic travel and our world travel are the best. Thank you brother Yusuf,Hani and brother Ismail for making our 2023 Ramadan ummrah with My 3 friend was a memorable one. We say jazakalau kyran. Looking forward to have Hajj with your group next year in sha Allaah Best regards Shukurat Ogunsin
imran a. Avatar
imran a.
17 Nov 2023
Experience with Islamic Travel can be described simply Diamond Service !! I would like to sincerely thank Br. Yusuf and Br. Hani, for making this a very special and memorable Umrah trip. They made my family feel like we were travelling with our brothers. Very professional and extremely well planned out trip. We were travelling with our 9 Yr. old daughter and both Brs. Yusuf & Hani went above and beyond in their assistance, ensuring that our daughter was also enjoying this very special spiritual journey with us. I would also like to heartily thank Imam Khalid Shah, for guiding us during the trip and truly giving us his pearls of wisdom, with the multiple lectures and in-depth view of the times of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We reside in Canberra, however the communication with Islamic travel was so effective and concise we did not feel out of place. Meeting the Umrah Group in Madinah Mashallah was wonderful and very personal. I would definitely recommend Islamic Travel and team to family and friends. I make Dua for Islamic travel to keep up their excellent work , they are doing for the Ummah and may Allah shower them with immense blessings .Inshallah. Regards, Imran A Canberra
Manzur A. Avatar
Manzur A.
17 Apr 2023
Alhamdulillah very well managed & helpful services done by Islamic travel from the very beginning to end of our Umrah journey of 5 family members. With the mention of their good lectures in English throughout the journey, very good / convenient hotel locations adjacent to the Harams, well support and help of any sort whenever needed, etc I again admire their dedicated services for us for Umrah. I pray to Almighty for their advancement and success in their services.
bilal g. Avatar
bilal g.
17 Apr 2023
Beautiful brothers
Shazia K. Avatar
Shazia K.
17 Oct 2023
My trip to Jordon and Jerusalem with Islamic travels was a dream come true. The facilitators were kind enough to accommodate me for this part of their tour. It was well organised and good value for money. I would highly recommend them for your future trips!
Khalid M. Avatar
Khalid M.
03 Feb 2024
We had a wonderful experience with Islamic Travel, met wonderful people and everything was organised for us amazingly. Thank you once again!!!
Karam Kattan Avatar
Karam K.
positive review 
25 Apr 2022
Best tours you’ll get!!
Hand the pleasure of going to Turkey with Islamic travels and they really made the travel easy and adventurous!
Deniz Y. Avatar
Deniz Y.
17 Apr 2023
I went on an umrah trip with this group, and I can say that I would recommend anyone who intends to travel to umrah, especially for their first time, to go with a group. And Islamic travel is the best group I went with. They make the umrah very easy by giving you lots of prior information in regards to the rituals that need to be completed, what you should and should not do and are very flexible when it comes to extra activities that you may want to do during your trip. One of the things that stands out about Islamic travel from other groups is their commitment to do the extra things for group members to make your trip more convenient, and make your stay at foreign lands more smooth and comfortable. I highly recommend Islamic travel, especially if it’s your first time going to umrah, they are a very friendly and welcoming team and they are always there to help you on your trip.
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