Umrah Requirements after Covid-19

These requirements change regularly. We advise bookmarking this page and checking back regularly to get updates for performing Umrah in post lockdown.

The details below are for information purposes only is not intended as travel advice and is subject to change at any time by the Saudi Arabian Government. Islamic Travel makes no claim that the information is correct at your time of travel. It is your responsibility to check your travel and entry requirements prior to travel, and ensure you have met those requirements for entry.

Current Terms and conditions (current as at 30/10/2023) for performing Umrah and Prayer in the Holy Mosque for tourist visa holders:

Prior to Departure:

  • There are no longer any Covid-19 travel related restrictions to enter Saudi.
  • There is no longer any age restrictions to perform Umrah
  • You must obtain your own Travel Insurance. Our packages are Non Refundable within 45 days of travel.
  • Download “NUSUK” (formally Etamarna) app on your phone. Register on the App, making sure to select “Visitor” when registering and logging in. Follow instructions while filling out the registration.
  • See this video for help registering on using the App to book slots
  • Once registered and logged in, be sure to book a slot to visit the Rawdah area (start looking a couple of weeks before arrival to Madinah).
  • Tourist eVisa holders, regardless of vaccination status can register in the Umrah application (Nusuk) by choosing the category of “External Mutamer” for tourist visa holders. For group Umrah trips, we will advise the date and timeslot to book a week before the trip.
  • Each adult will require their own Nusuk app on their phone.
  • Note: In case visitors encounter an issue in booking a permit to perform Umrah or visit Al-Rawdah while in Saudi, they should contact the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on 8004304444.

 Arrival in Saudi:
  • A local SIM can be purchased (Ranges from 52 – 120 SAR @$22 – $55 depending on amount of Data you want) to have data access outside of hotel wifi hotspots.
  • To pray in Rawdah, book slot on Nusuk app (Best to start looking about 10 days before travelling to Madinah)
  • Currently only 1 visit per 35 days for the Rawdah
  • To perform Umrah, booking slots need to be reserved on the Nusuk app.
  • Multiple Umrah slots can be booked, as soon as one booking completes, you can book another for same day or another day.
  • Currently the Mataaf area (Ground floor) is only for Umrah Tawaf

Benefits of
Islamic Travel
Umrah Packages

Planning done for you

We take care of all the logistics and planning. You can concentrate on performing and maximising the spiritual benefits of Umrah.

Cost Savings

Save money from the benefit of group pricing. By travelling in a group, transport and accommodation costs are reduced.

Safe and Secure

Travelling alone without speaking the language can be troubling for some. Benefit from joining one of our groups for comfort and security.

Expert Guidance

Travel with an experienced Imam to help guide you through the various stages of performing Umrah, ensuring your Umrah is completed properly.

Never alone

There will always be someone there to assist you when needed. Also an opportunity to make new friends for those interested in doing so.

Clear Expectations

Know what to expect in terms of transport, accommodation, meals
We have vetted all providers to ensure quality transport and accommodation.

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